Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oxford Pull 9/17/11

Oxford's stats were, 1st Jeff Pelletier 2nd Eric Flewelling 3rd Malcom Mcgraw 4th Ben Pourier 5th High Voltage.  The pull ran smoothly, the transitions from class to class were quick. The 1st 90 feet of the track could have been maintained a little better but the sandy track overall seemed better than expected.  The Diesel class had a top speed of 24 mph.  Congratulations to Jeff for the win.   
Once again team High Voltage finds the next weakest link in the drive train.  The drivers side front CV shaft sheared off in the hub.  In the rear drive shaft achieved two complete rotations before contracting enough to pull the slip yoke out of the forward drive shaft.  The result of the damage shouldn't haunt us with late nights like it did last week.  It will however lighten the wallet.  Looks like peanut butter and jelly this week.  

Oxford Fair 9/17/11

High Voltage (oxford) 9-17-11
malcom mcgraw (oxford) 9-17-11
Mountain Man (oxford) 9-17-11
Jeff Pelletier (oxford) 9-17-11
Eric Flewelling (Oxford) 9-17-11

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clinton Fair

Clinton fair's extreme traction proved to be bitter sweet through out the day, first 75 feet seemed to be neglected.  Three out of the four Pro Stock Diesel trucks experienced drive train failure.   Carl Watson (Brook Side Inn)  had a torque converter issue in round one.  That luckily they were able to fix between pulls.  Malcom Mcgraw broke yoke straps on the front end in the first round.  (technical difficulties with Malcom's video, sorry Malcom)  Malcom was unable to pull in the second round.  High Voltage and Pelletiers Pride 2 went through the first round with no problems.  Pro Stock round one results 1st went to Pelletiers Pride 2, 2nd went to High Voltage.

Clinton fair round 2 Pro Stock results 1st went to Pelletiers Pride 2, 2nd went to High Voltage, 3rd went to Brooks Side Inn.  The carnage was not over in this round.  In this round High Voltage ends up breaking, see picture below.

Clinton Fair 9/10/11

Carl Watson (clinton) 9-10-11 round 1

Jeff Pelletier (clinton) 8-10-11 round 1 first pull
High Voltage (clinton) 9-10-11 Round 1
Jeff Pelletier (clinton) 9-10-11 round 1 second pull
High Voltage (clinton) 9-10-11 round 2
Jeff Pelletier (clinton) 9-10-11 round 2
Carl Watson (clinton) 9-10-11 Round 2