Monday, October 24, 2011

Fryeburg 10-9-11

Fryeburg standings were 1st Carl Watson, 2nd Jeff Pelletier, 3rd High Voltage, 4th Todd Ely (Massachusetts) 5th  Rich Stanley ( Rhode Island) 6th Malcom Mcgraw (Dodge), 7th Dylan Spink (New Hampshire) 8th Malcom Mcgraw (Chevy) 9th Spence Stickney (New Hampshire) 10th Mountain Man, 11th Tim Judd (Massachusetts).  Fryeburg's track was very well maintained.  Though the track was not constructed with ideal materials all and all it was not bad to pull on.  The turn out for both pullers and fans was the best of the year. Special thanks to all the pullers from out of state and Maine pullers for traveling so far.   For those pullers with duel wheels, the High Voltage team will be proposing a rule change for 2012 to allow duel wheels.  Sorry for any inconvenience .  Congrats to Jeff Pelletier 2012 Pro Stock Diesel Champion.  Congrats to Carl for such a strong finish on the season.

Fryeburg 10-9-11

Mountain Man (Fryeburg) 10-9-11 test pull
High Voltage (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Pelletiers Pride II (Fryeburg) 10-9-11

Carl Watson (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Rich Stanley (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Spencer Stickney (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Todd Ely (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Malcom Mcgraw (Fryeburg) 10-9-11 duramax
Dylan Spink (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Malcom Mcgraw (Fryeburg) 10-9-11 cummins
Tim Judd (Fryeburg) 10-9-11
Mountain Man (Fryeburg) 10-9-11

Millinocket 9-24-11

At the second Millinocket pull for this year there was a decent turn out.  High voltage team was unable to attend but due to Fedex's piss poor performance the truck was lacking parts and could not make the pull.   This track once again proves to be the best built and maintained track in the state of Maine.  This track requires massive amounts power and Carl Watson proves he has the most.  Congrats to Carl with both wins.  Standing for Millinocket first round standings are, 1st Carl Watson, 2nd Brian Bouchard, 3rd Jeff Pelletier, 4th Malcom Mcgraw.  Round 2, 1st Brookside Inn Team Eric Flewelling pulled in place of Carl. 2nd Jeff Pelletier, 3rd Brian Bouchard.

Millinocket 9/24/11

Malcom Mcgraw (Millinocket) 9-24-11 Round 1


Farmington fair standings were as follows 1st place Jeff Pelletier, 2nd place Carl Watson, 3rd place High Voltage, 4th place Ben Pourier. Farmnington's track was as good as it could be, being back dragged with a loader.  Also the track could use a little more lighting.  High Voltage Truck manages to stay together for the first time in 3 weeks.  However only manages to take third.   Congrats to Jeff for the win.

Farmington 9/22/11

Mountain Man (Farmington) 9-22-11 test pull

Carl Watson (Farmington) 9-22-11
Jeff Pelletier (Farmington) 9-22-11
High Voltage (Farmington) 9-22-11
Mountain Man (Farmington) 9-22-11

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oxford Pull 9/17/11

Oxford's stats were, 1st Jeff Pelletier 2nd Eric Flewelling 3rd Malcom Mcgraw 4th Ben Pourier 5th High Voltage.  The pull ran smoothly, the transitions from class to class were quick. The 1st 90 feet of the track could have been maintained a little better but the sandy track overall seemed better than expected.  The Diesel class had a top speed of 24 mph.  Congratulations to Jeff for the win.   
Once again team High Voltage finds the next weakest link in the drive train.  The drivers side front CV shaft sheared off in the hub.  In the rear drive shaft achieved two complete rotations before contracting enough to pull the slip yoke out of the forward drive shaft.  The result of the damage shouldn't haunt us with late nights like it did last week.  It will however lighten the wallet.  Looks like peanut butter and jelly this week.